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Bumireka was established in 2006 and is an Engineering Consulting firm registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) and the Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MoF).

Bumireka run by versatile and experience group of engineers, is suited with computer software covering wide range of engineering analysis and design. The performance of the firm to commit and provide economical and safe design to its clients with an emphasis of timely delivery.

Bumireka will continue to strike to the best human resouces and hand facilities to the best services given to its clients.

Bumireka, provides services in the following fields:
Feasibility Studies
Housing , Commercial,
Township Development Planning
Irrigation, Drainage and hydrology
planning and studies
Water Supply and Water Treatment Works
High-Rise Structures and Load Bearing
Wall System Structures
Housing Schemes, Commercial Development
Industrial Structures
Health and Educational Sectors Development
Hotels, Holiday Resorts and Tourism Development
Road and Transportation
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